Bright Minds Early Learning will work together:

  • Create a unique partnership between families and educators.
  • Provide quality educators who are continually participating in professional development.
  • To value and respect the many differing social and cultural backgrounds within our community.
  • In maintaining continuity between the home, community and the service to give the children a sense of belonging.

To create a safe, secure environment where the children are offered an educational curriculum allowing each individual child to grow their own identity whilst working and contributing in a large group. We believe that children learn through play and exploration. We will endeavour to assist all children to grow and learn to their full potential as individuals.

At Bright Minds Early Learning we believe that each child will:

  • Feel valued, respected, safe and encouraged.
  • Learn about themselves, others and the world.
  • Develop life skills, self-esteem and confidence.
  • Be offered an educational curriculum that will enhance every child’s development, independence and learning.
  • Be given the opportunity to communicate and express themselves freely, to encourage trusting relations between child and educator.
  • Have the right to equality and respect.

At Bright Minds Early Learning we believe that families:

  • Involvement in all aspects of our curriculum must be valued and encouraged.
  • Will be supported in their parenting role and their values and beliefs are respected.
  • Have the right to daily information being exchanged.
  • Should be kept informed about any changes that occur at the service.
  • Should have opportunities to communicate and develop open and trusting relationships with educators.

At Bright Minds Early Learning we believe educators:

  • Develop and maintain relationships based on mutual respect, equity and fairness.
  • Should work collaboratively in supporting and learning from each other.
  • Will develop a trusting relationship with each child and their family.
  • Should be provided the opportunity to access professional development.
  • Will use critical reflection to evaluate and guide interactions, relationships ad practice.

Bright Minds is committed to all children and their families.