Below is a list of policies for the Bright Minds Early Learning Centre Bannockburn

pdfAdministration of First Aid

pdfChild Protection Policy

pdfChild safe environment Policy

pdfChild Safe Policy

pdfCode of Conduct Policy

pdfDelivery and Collection of Children

pdfEmergency Evacuation Policy

pdfEnrolment Policy

pdfExcursion Policy

pdfGovernance Policy Sept 2015

pdfGrievance Policy Families

pdfImmunisation policy

pdfIncident Illness Accident Trauma Policy

pdfInfectious Diseases

pdfInteractions with Children Families and Staff Policy

pdfMedical Conditions Policy NQF VIC

pdfNutrition Food Safety Policy

pdfOrientation of Familes

pdfPayment of Fee Policy

pdfRefusal and acceptance

pdfResponsible Person Policy

pdfSick children policy

pdfStudent and Volunteer Policy

pdfSun Protection Policy

pdfSupervision Policy

pdfWater Safety Policy